Kuhl Consulting - Communications and Government Relations
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Petch and Associates Ltd. Victoria, BC
Management Consultants for Board Governance and Group Facilitation
Principal: Linda S. Petch
Contact: lpetch@petch.com
Website: www.petch.com

Linman Management
Specialist in governance, political and public consultation and needs analysis
Principal: Lynne Kennedy
Contact: lynnekennedy@mac.com

Sagona International Strategies Ltd.
Specialist in government, corporate and community relations Canada and abroad
Principal: Roger Simmons
Contact: roger.simmons@sagonastrategies.com

Lynnpeaks Consulting, Vernon, BC
Specialist in financial and market studies for tourism, gaming and First Nations
Principal: Brian Wills
Contact: bjwills@telus.net

jdstaples systems consultants, Victoria and Vancouver, BC
Specialists in Macintosh systems and web development.
Principal: Jacqueline Staples
Contact: jds@jdstaples.com
Telephone: 250-882-2080 (Victoria) or 604-319-2524 (Vancouver)
Website: www.jdstaples.com